In the late 1990s, a good fish taco was hard to come by, but we wanted to create a casual dining experience with quality food inspired by the beautiful Ventura County coastline we call home. We decided to fuse coastal and Mexican cuisine in the headliner of our new restaurant's menu, and thus Snapper Jack's award-winning fish taco was born.

With the help of family, friends, and dedicated employees, we opened the doors of the first Snapper Jack's Taco Shack in 2000. We developed our menu with "Cal-Mex" flavors in mind, combining fresh local California produce with traditional Mexican dishes. Along with an innovative menu, we developed a unique salsa bar that grew and transformed until it reached its wildly popular end result: nine savory and original salsas that perfectly complement all of our menu items, plus the star of the show -- our Secret Shack Sauce.

We are continually working to improve the quality and appeal of our food. Everything -- from our salsas to our taco salad shells -- is made fresh daily. We offer weekly specials that include unique and seasonal ingredients.

Our Healthier Options Menu includes items geared toward multiple facets of nutrition and health. We offer whole wheat tortillas and several options for vegetarians and vegans. There are gluten-free items on our menu, as well as many that can easily be modified to accommodate a gluten-free diet. Our battered fish tacos are made with homemade batter and fried in canola oil. We recently developed our own organic horchata (traditional beverage) recipe, and we offer organic milk and organic apple juice options with our child's plates. We do not, and never will, use lard or anything with trans fats or MSG.